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Vote on August 6th!

Me and George

George and me about to canvass the neighborhood. (This is an excellent example of my husband’s photography skills. Luckily, he is good at many other things).

Though I have just one month remaining of novel-writing time before teaching swoops down and renders my other life pursuits obsolete, I wanted to dash off a quick post urging everyone to vote. The primaries are on August 6 – which means you need to get your ballot in the mail like NOW.

As the new resident PCO, or Precinct Committee Officer, for section 1761 of the 36th District, I have been spending time this past week knocking on neighbors’ doors and handing them pamphlets prepared by the 36th District Democrats with candidate endorsements. I brought George on my first foray as my little blonde talisman – nothing like a cute four-year-old to provide a distraction from the awkwardness of knocking on a stranger’s door. Sure enough, people were eager to open the door and chat. It is a pretty easy message to sell – here’s some information, and please vote. Even this sales-wary neophyte can handle that.

I also wanted to mention an excellent new economic agenda driven by Nancy Pelosi and fellow House Democrats. It was brought to my attention by an old student currently working in Washington, D.C. It is called “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds: An Economic Agenda for Women and Families.” Susan Stamberg discussed the agenda with Nancy Pelosi just a few days ago on NPR, and it is well worth a listen. Considering the House is currently Republican, critics assume it doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell – ironic, no? Isn’t the GOP all about ‘family values?’ These are still things my peon brain has yet to grasp in the world of politics.

That’s all for today – this PCO stuff is rather time consuming, and I have more door knocking (and novel-writing) to get done. Feel free to write in and post absurd quotations from the Voter’s Pamphlet. My favorites this time round include a typo in the ‘occupation’ line (he’s an accountantt, apparently), a guy who thinks ‘life is just too short’ so Seattle should be more fun, and a guy whose favorite job is raising his son to be a ‘mighty man of God.’ Love it.

Now go vote!