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A viable third political party


Four years ago, when I was harboring a mass of moving muscle under my skin now known as my son, George, everyone wanted to know: What are you having?

And I remember saying to my friend, Lucy (who tolerates my nonsense with aplomb): I wish there was another option.

Isn’t it weird that we continue to evolve but we still only have two choices? Boy or girl? I wracked my brain trying to imagine the third choice – but could not escape the image from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World of the ‘freemartin.’ I hate it when other people’s ideas are so good that you cannot think of your own. The origin of the term relates mainly to cattle, and whilst I do not care to associate myself with those of the bovine persuasion, I like the idea of something a little androgynous, a little hip.

Dumb and Dumber

I feel the same way about political parties. Everything cool comes in threes. For instance, I was the third child in my family. I taught my students to make ‘lists of 3’ when studying rhetoric. There’s the Three Blind Mice, the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the Three Musketeers. Three makes for interesting discussion. Three makes for debate.

I want a third political party. It would be like the Democratic party, only Republicans would like it. And then we would all live happily ever after. You can see the flaws in my plan here. Maybe all those folks who say they are ‘fiscally conservative’ but support equal rights and don’t want poor people to die from lack of health care could start up a party. The RWH (Republicans with Heart).

The Newsroom: I love this show, but I don’t think I’m alone in picturing him dancing around in a pale blue tuxedo every time he appears on screen.

I’m only joking – but seriously, I know there are moderate Republicans out there (like Will McAvoy on “The Newsroom”) – so why aren’t they speaking up? Are they now, officially, too embarrassed to come forward and be part of the discussion?

You are needed, members of RWH! Speak up now!


2 thoughts on “A viable third political party

  1. Hey Poky Pundit – now that you’re stocking up on the political smarts and soon to leave us dullards way behind, thought you might like a good source for smarty-pants material. Have a look at for some pre-election debate brain fuel.

  2. Poky Pundit I can’t wait to get your opinion on Mitt’s binders full of women!

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