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My first ever fundraiser

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Last Thursday, I attended my first ever political fundraiser for Washington state Attorney General candidate Bob Ferguson. I was invited to attend by my good friend, Sumeer Singla, who is passionate about politics and has been supporting local politicians for 18 years.

Bob Ferguson, Democratic candidate for WA state Attorney General, speaking at Linda’s Tavern on October 4th.

I don’t know what I was expecting – celebrities? A long speech? Hors d’oeuvres? Basically, we all had some drinks and chatted. I met the candidate. I thought (in my old way of thinking): Yeah, I’ll probably vote for him because he’s a nice guy and a democrat.

And then he started speaking. In just five minutes, he had me utterly spellbound – firstly, by my own ignorance of the issues at stake and secondly, how simple the choice is to support him. He struck a chord immediately by showing me how voting for his opponent, Reagan Dunn, could eliminate choices for women. And that is NEVER a good thing in my mind.

In brief, the state Board of Pharmacy requires owners to fill prescriptions for Plan B contraception. Pharmacy owners in Olympia sued the state because they disagreed with the ruling. The case is now in the 9th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals. To read more about this case, click here.

Enter Reagan Dunn, who stated in an interview on the radio recently that he hopes the plaintiffs win! Regardless of what Dunn thinks, it is the duty of the attorney general to defend the law – which clearly demonstrates that a) he doesn’t understand the job and b) he doesn’t agree with our state’s laws. Ferguson clarified that he plans to defend state laws regardless of his own political views.

Sometimes, it feels like local politics isn’t relevant to me. In just under an hour, I realized that it was. And that I have better reasons to vote for Bob Ferguson than his party affiliation or the fact that he’s a nice guy.

(I think it’s also important to give a brief shout out to Colleen Ferguson, who was at home taking care of 4-year-old twins while he championed women’s rights. It takes two!)


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